Release notes for 03 May, 2022

A list of all the new content added to LawVu in release 206

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  • Changing the contract owner did not add the user as a contract member. Keeping a secret is fun and exciting when you're twelve, giggling away like a schoolgirl at a sleepover. It's a lot less fun when you are trying to reassign ownership of an important contract. We successfully reassigned the owner, but kept it a secret by not having that contract appear in their My Contracts grid. Now, assigning someone as a Contract Owner also adds them as a Member too.

  • Updating the P.O. number on a single invoice in a matter was updating the number across all invoices. Agatha Christie once wrote that assumptions are dangerous things. Information is sketchy as to whether or not she was referring to LEDES files at the time, but we believe so. When adjusting the P.O. number for a single invoice within a LEDES file, the assumption was that this adjustment should be applied to the remainder of the invoices too. Fortunately, Agatha Christie also wrote "Towards Zero," a book clearly about the number of additional invoices to which that adjustment should actually be applied. From now on, any changes to individual P.O. numbers will only be applied to that specific invoice.

  • Uploading the LEDES invoice didn't add the P.O. number on the generated PDF summary. It turns out that P.O. does not stand for "Please omit." This is unfortunate, as we were indeed omitting it from the PDF summary generated by LawVu. Users were having to manually correct this for each approved invoice. In the same way that nature abhors a vacuum, LawVu abhors a time-suck. So this has now been corrected.

  • Adobe Sign shows trial-related UI under Settings > Integrations. On our integrations page, users were invited to trial LawVu's Adobe Sign integration. This was somewhat misleading, as there is no trial! If you already have an Adobe Sign account, once the integration is activated in LawVu you're good to go. That's all there is to it. No trial necessary, no hidden costs, just pure convenience. We worked so hard to make this particular integration foolproof that even the team in charge of the on-screen UI was caught by surprise.


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