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How to sync files to and from SharePoint
How to sync files to and from SharePoint

Sync files stored in the Files tab of matters and contracts from and to a SharePoint folder

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Integrate your LawVu platform with SharePoint to ensure the content of the Files tab of your matters and contracts are stored in two separate, secure cloud-based applications. A seamless sync ensures that files uploaded to matters and contracts in LawVu are replicated in SharePoint.

Updates or file uploads, including moving, renaming or new edits will be synchronized to the other system.

An Administrator must configure the SharePoint integration before the business can use it. Please read this article to learn how : For Administrators: Configure the LawVu SharePoint Integration

How to sync files from the Files tab from and to a SharePoint folder

To establish the file sync :

1. From the Files tab of a matter or contract, click Sync files

2. Select Sync with SharePoint

Note: Any private folders in the matter or contract will not be synced. When making a folder private AFTER the sync has been set up, the files that have already been synced across to SharePoint won't be removed (no new files or changes will go across).

3. The folder selector will bring up the SharePoint folder your Administrator set as the root folder. From here, you will be able to navigate to the folder you want to synchronize with.

You can also create new folders on the fly.

4. Click Start syncing.

The sync will start working in the background. You know it is turned on whenever you see the SharePoint green icon displayed on the top left of the files.

Clicking on the icon enables you to change the folder if needed or stop syncing.

If you stop syncing, this won't remove the files you have synchronized already in both directions and any other changes to the files will not replicate from this moment forward.

Any files and folders in Sharepoint can take up to a minute before appearing in LawVu.


The synchronization happens from LawVu to SharePoint and vice versa.

It also occurs when files and folders are moved to a different location, renamed, or for new versions of updated or replaced files.

File deletions are not synchronized

When you delete a file from SharePoint, it will not be deleted from LawVu and vice-versa. A user with access must remove files in both LawVu and SharePoint.

When a file is checked out in SharePoint, our integration is unable to process and sync updates for the file until it is checked in again.

To further understand the check-in/out process in the SharePoint library, click here.

The ability to sync the contract file is not currently supported within our native SharePoint integration.

This functionality is possible using the LawVu Power Platform Connector and can be set up easily with our pre-built template. Click here for more details.

For contracts only the Files tab is synced, the contract document itself isn't synced (yet)

Is it possible to sync all matter files by default to SharePoint?

No, not by default - each matter & contract must be setup/turned on for sync individually.

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