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Files and folder actions
Files and folder actions

Edit, share and work with your files and folders in LawVu

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You can easily and efficiently edit, share and work with your files and folders in LawVu.

From the Files tab of a matter or contract, go to the ellipsis menu (the three dots) next to the file you want to work with. Depending on the active integrations, you will see a menu similar to the one below:

From here, you can perform several actions:

Download - starts the download of a local copy of the file or folder on your workstation.

Copy link to file - is convenient when you want to share a file with someone else. The link will open the actual file in LawVu, as long as the person you shared it with is a member of the matter/contract it belongs to.

Email file - Email the file to your inbox or your colleague's email. You can add as many email addresses as you want and optionally type in a note.

If Compliance Security is turned on for your organization, then you won't see the Email file option.

Send to AdobeSign/DocuSign - depending on the integrations you have available for your organization, you will be prompted to log in with your AdobeSign/DocuSign credentials to sign the document digitally.

Edit with Word/Excel Online - Edit Word/Excel documents in Word/Excel Online. When you finish making edits and close the browser tab, the document will return to LawVu and update with all the changes you made. To learn more about this feature, check these articles:

Upload a new version - Upload a new version of the file. Once you upload a new version, all previous versions will be displayed on the left sidebar.

Duplicate - Selecting this option creates a copy of the file.

Move - Helps you move the file/folder to a different folder/subfolder of the same matter so you can keep your files and folders organized.

Tags - Tags are labels you can use to help organize your files. Type the desired tag name into the ''Add Tags' box. As you type, the system will auto-prompt existing tags. Either click on the suggested title or continue typing your own. If you want to see a list of existing tags, click on the left icon next to it. To learn more about using tags to filter data check this article: How to use tags to filter data

Rename - click on it to view the file in preview mode. Place your cursor on the title area and begin editing. The changes will be saved automatically. Any document type can be renamed similarly.


Delete - deletes the file from LawVu.

The option to download, copy the link to the file, email, or use the integrations are also available from the Actions menu once you open the file in Preview.

Currently, you cannot restrict a file and make it private. However, you have the option to add it to a folder that you make private. To learn how to do this, check this article on Private folders.

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