Release Notes for 7 July, 2022

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 223

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  • The sent emails grid wouldn't load.

  • A contract owner got the option to renew without the 'create contracts' permission enabled.

  • When a matter was delegated, the User's name was not seen in the confirmation modal.

  • A team already assigned to a contract type still appeared as an option the User could select when creating a contract.

  • The last person in the people picker wasn't visible, even when a user scrolled down in the window.

  • The 'X' icon was removed from the reassignment people picker.

  • 'Recent' Users did not appear in the Request Feedback picker.

  • The new people picker for Teams requires searching to select a team, rather than showing all the teams available for selection, like the old one.

  • A standard user/contributor could create a matter by entering the matter name in Outlook when simple ticketing was enabled for their organization.

  • Removed excess space in the 'Header' of the Workspace Hub, some items were better aligned, the widget container was increased to full screen, and widget definition increased.

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