Release notes for 22 September, 2022

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 243

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  • The 'read our setup help article' button for the Sharepoint integration took users to a dead link, rather than the article for Administrators that explained how to configure it.

  • The language contract approvers see, was changed to make it more apparent that by approving it, they acknowledge that they have read and understood its contents.

  • One user did not receive an email notification when a new message was sent in a conversation within a matter.

  • The field editing modals appeared oversized for an internal user.

  • An internal user noted that a contract whose stage was 'expired' upon creation got executed when the expiry date was changed to make it active.

  • The 'activity' tab of a contract showed a signed contract moved to the executed stage multiple times when it was in the signing stage for an internal user.

  • An internal user reported that when a matter was exported, if a person was @mentioned in the status update, the export displayed odd characters following the text of the message.

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