Release Notes for 3 October, 2022

A list of all the new content added to LawVu in release 246

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  • An internal user reported that when they duplicated all of a matter's files, the email files that were duplicated didn't appear in the 'files view' but did appear in the 'default' view.

  • A user that clicked on the in-app notification telling him there was a new comment in his contract's conversation saw the conversation taking place in the matter he'd just been working on when he previewed the contract.

  • An internal user noted that when searching for a word with a quote mark at the end, they received a 'search service returned an error' message.

  • When exporting a grid view with '0' rows, an internal user received an error message rather than an empty excel file.

  • Some users' permissions were removed when default permissions were enabled for an internal test organization and then turned off.

  • A single user noted that the newest version of the file selector wasn't used while creating a contract by upload via a button within an article.

  • One internal user reported the 'continue' button didn't appear in the file upload window when a file failed to upload.

New features:

  • Modern file picker

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