Release notes for 22 December, 2022

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 268

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Product Enhancements:

  • The modal that appears when the state of a matter is changed was updated.


  • A 'could not determine access to email' message appeared when signing into the Outlook Add-In.

  • Making a user the default Matter Manager in the settings for one matter type made them the default MM across all matter types.

  • A user who was part of a legal team handling contracts could only see some of the contracts assigned to their team when they weren't part of the Contract Administrator group.

  • A client uploading invoices to LawVu noticed the year listed needed to be corrected.

  • Business/Standard Users who were part of a team could not view Knowledge Base articles restricted to members of their team in global search.

  • When adding members to contracts, some existing members did not receive notifications.

  • The browser tab did not display the correct number of new notifications.

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