Release notes for 12 January, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 272

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Product Enhancements

  • Hovering over the (i) symbol in the 'Show In Form' and 'Required' columns in Invoice Details, displays informational tooltips. These tooltips let users know which fields (if selected) will be shown on the invoice form and which fields will be required to be filled in.


  • When a Section Header was present in the 'Create' form of a contract type any information below the header was not pulled through to its 'Completion' form.

  • A user who wanted to attach documents from the Knowledge Base to an RFP they created could not, because the document categories were missing.

  • When an organization was removed from the Directory, its invite to LawVu still showed as 'pending'.

  • Invoices uploaded by an LSP to a matter being managed by another LSP, appeared as an expenditures for the managing LSP.

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