Release notes for 23 January, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 274

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  • Contracts moved from 'signing' to 'draft' for one organization.

  • A disabled user appeared as the 'Contract Owner' in the contracts grid, but in the 'Contract Details' the contract owners was 'unassigned'.

  • When creating a new conversation, LSP users could be added, as the people picker displayed 'no results.'

  • A user duplicating a matter got an error message when the matter name was longer than 200 characters.

  • An internal user noted that in the 'Fees' area of the 'Reports' module that the 'Fees by Department' graph, displayed a department labelled '2'.

  • Deleting an invoice batch and then navigating back to it, still caused it to appear in the list of invoices before an 'internal error' message appeared.

  • Using a checkbox field that was left unticked as an attribute column, produced a 'no records available' message for a user filtering their matters grid view.

  • The 'send for signing' button appeared for contracts in the 'executed', 'void' and 'expired' stages for an internal user.

  • The 'Engage' module was changed so that the 'Accounts Payable' contact would not receive email notifications for budget approval or batch uploads.

  • The 'password reset' button was broken for one user.

  • When using the 'Files' feature in the Hub, the actions menu didn't work.

  • The file picker in the contract creation modal displayed incorrectly, when there were a lot of items in the 'recent' panel.

  • Entering an amount in the 'fees' box of an invoice produced an 'internal error' message for an internal user.

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