Release notes for 14 February, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 279

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Product enhancements:

  • A new notification was added to let users who are contract members know when a contract is moved to the 'executed' stage in LawVu.


  • A user received an 'error duplicating matter' message when the matter was duplicated.

  • One of the choices in the 'department' field that a user had previously removed, still appeared during matter creation.

  • The 'send for signing' option from the contract file was disabled to stop users from skipping the approval process.

  • Currency values in an RFP reflected the LSP's currency value rather than the Client's.

  • The fields for 'accrual date' and 'due date' no longer appeared on the invoice preview form.

  • An invoice uploaded from within a matter, didn't appear in that matter's 'Invoices' tab.

  • A user with permission to create and delete contracts, couldn't delete them via the ellipsis menu.

  • One client was unable to use the Outlook Add-In and received a 'there has been an error installing the add-in' message.

  • Upon moving a contract to the approval phase, the approval phase changed from 'everyone must approve' to 'anyone can approve.'

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