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The InsideVu - September 2023
The InsideVu - September 2023
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Hi there 👋,

Welcome to the September edition of The InsideVu! If you're ready to take your team to the next level with (free!) data-driven insights and faster ways to work with contracts, this is the edition you have been waiting for!

New and improved standard reporting 📈

Duplicate contracts 📄

Tips of the month 💡

PS: If you want a digest of previous versions of The InsideVu, they are available here in the Help Center. If you have any questions, we’re available in the chat 24/7.

Kind regards,
The LawVu Team

You already have great data in LawVu but now it’s easier than ever to put it to work! New dashboards and reports give you the actionable insights you need to make data informed decisions and report on your work faster. You’ll go from DATA to TA-DA! 🪄

Watch this quick video to see what’s new:

Here are 3 key things to start exploring right now:

  • 3 new easy to use, highly visual, and interactive reporting dashboards.

  • Sort, filter, or drill down reports to quickly and easily get the information you need and answer key questions.

  • New metrics and admin reports you have never seen before.

Duplicate contracts

While you’ve always been able to easily duplicate matters, now you can do the same with contracts. This new feature makes it easy to duplicate a renewed contract or generate a new contract record that closely resembles an existing one. Set up the contract once and easily create multiple copies as needed.

Here are a few quick steps:

1. Open the contract, click on the ellipsis button, and select Duplicate Contract.

2. You have the option to rename the contract, change contract document, and decide if you want to copy associated files and key dates.

3. After clicking the Create Duplicate button, you’ll be taken to the new contract where you can make adjustments as needed.

Watch this video to see it in action:

Please note: you need to be a member of the contract and have the right permissions to be able to duplicate contracts.

Support for multiple currency invoicing in LawVu spend management 💵

Looking for a better way to consolidate and report on your outside counsel spend? With the ability to handle multiple currencies, LawVu spend management is making it easier than ever! Now you can:

  • Upload invoices in an unlimited amount of currencies, represented by 3-digit codes and symbols in accordance with ISO standards. Or better yet, have your firms do the work and save you even more time.

  • Choose currencies and easily set conversion rates.

  • Keep the original invoice currencies and details for sharing with AP and for auditing purposes, but get the reports and real time budget tracking you need in your preferred currency.

Get all the details in this article.

Not familiar with LawVu spend management? Reach out via the chat or check out this quick video.

Rename a file in a flash

Here are two quick ways to rename a file in LawVu:

  • From the Files tab: simply click on the ellipses next to the file and click Rename. It’ll automatically open the file to preview mode and click on the title to edit it.

  • When previewing files: Open the file and click on the file name to edit. Changes will be saved automatically.

Note: you need full matter access permissions to be able to rename files.

Easily move contracts out of executed stage

If you need to void a contract or have moved a contract to the executed stage by mistake, it is easy to move it back to draft. Simply void and unvoid a contract to move it back to draft.

1. Click on the ellipsis next to the contract you want to void and select Void Contract.

2. Click the ellipsis again and select Unvoid to Draft.

3. Now you can upload a new version of the contract file. Note: If you upload a signed contract, it will automatically go to the Executed stage.

Voiding or unvoiding a contract can only be done by the Contract Owner. If you’re not the Contract Owner, you can change the Contract Owner to yourself as shown below.

Watch this video to learn how to move contracts out of Executed stage or read this help article to learn more.

LawVu named a Best Medium Business finalist! 🎉

We're honored to be recognized by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise for the contributions our people and product make across Aoterora and the worldwide in-house legal community.

To learn more about the award and see the full list of finalists, click here.

Hear from seasoned tech GCs David Lancelot and Rosanna Biggs about their journey to GC and beyond.

In this short, punchy conversation hosted by Brid Heffernan you'll learn:

  • Conventional, and not so conventional, pathways of an in-house legal professional all the way through to GC

  • The importance of continual learning in that journey

  • Key learnings along the way and what they’d do differently

  • What’s beyond the role of GC?

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this edition of The InsideVu.

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