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Standard Reporting

Get access to better data across all of your legal workflows from one place.

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LawVu's standard reporting lets you see where your legal work and team are at a glance in easy-to-grasp visual dashboards via table or grid view.

With our reporting dashboards, you can quickly and easily sort, filter, and drill down into reports, enabling you to locate the insights you need with just a few clicks.

The definitions of these reports are outlined in this article: Standard Reporting metrics explained


To access the reports, you will need the 'View organization reports' permission.

For In-house Legal and Administrator roles, enabling the 'View organization admin reports' permission provides access to Admin reports.

Access the Reports icon from the left navigation bar. The reports only include LawVu fields. If your aim is to get more advanced reporting using custom fields, please check this article for a description of LawVu's Insights Premium capabilities: Reporting and Insights in LawVu

Note that restricted matters and contracts are included in totals but if there are any drill throughs, the details will be concealed (i.e., Matter name will say Restricted)

Navigation tips

Standard Reporting includes the latest edition of Matters, Contracts, Spend, and Admin reports. These interactive reports are created to assist you in answering important questions with ease.

You can choose how to present the reports according to your preferences, such as displaying them for all time, custom date, yearly view, or monthly view. The Admin and Spend dashboards are divided into multiple pages.

Within the views, you can:

- click on the question mark icon, which will reveal a tooltip providing an explanation of the metrics that underlie the statistic or graph.

- click on the Filter icon to see which filters and slicers are affecting this visual.

- filter the whole dataset on a particular attribute by simply clicking on an attribute in a visual. For example, if you filter on Completed matters, all the dashboards will display data related to completed matters only. To remove the filters and refresh all dashboards, simply click anywhere outside the graph you filtered on initially.

Please be aware that currently, you are unable to apply filtering specifically within a single report; filtering can only be applied to the entire dashboard.

- click the ellipses icon on each graph to Export the data, Spotlight, or Get insights. Easily sort, filter, view the data as a table or graph, and drill down reports so you can find the insights you need.

You can export any graph locally. You will be presented with the choice to download either the summarized data or the raw data in either .xlsx or .csv format directly to your local drive, allowing you to generate your own visualizations.

The Spotlight and the Focus mode allow you to zoom in on a particular section or data point in a graph for a closer look. This mode can be useful for highlighting specific details or trends that may not be immediately apparent when viewing the graph at a broader level. It can also help to minimize distractions and focus your attention on the most important information.

We recommend using Focus mode for larger wide tables or matrix visuals that have a lot of columns:

Hover over a bar and hold for a second to see the Drill through option to get a more detailed view of the data:

Notice you can also drill up (move from a detailed view to a higher-level summary of the data ) or down as well move from a higher-level overview to a more detailed view).

Note that each metric shows the appropriate unit value, i.e. $70,000 as $.07M.

How often do the reports update?

Our reports update twice daily, ensuring that you always have access to the most up-to-date data for accurate reporting whenever you need it.

The reports will refresh at around ~3:30 am and ~2 pm for the respective time zones:

AU - NZT, EU - West EU, US - US East.

There may be some variance depending on the load times but these are the approximate times they refresh.

Download reports to PDF

You have the option to save the Matters, Contracts, Spend and Admin reports as a PDF file. This will record the current view of the report.

In cases where the reports span multiple pages, you have the option to download all these pages and consolidate the entire content into a single PDF document.

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