Release notes for 13 April, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 293

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  • Some contract data extractions were stuck at 'extracting' status.

  • When a user selected a different option in the 'Invoice Recipient' field in 'Contract Details', it failed to update.

  • A user with the 'Contract Administrator' permission enabled couldn't change the contract type in 'Contract Details.'

  • When the amount in an invoice's 'accruals' field was updated, the activity log for the matter associated with the invoice failed to update.

  • The option to send a folder in the 'Files' tab appeared when a user should only see the option to send a file.

  • A Business user with full contract access received a 'contract team required' error message when they tried creating a contract from an article link in the Knowledge Base.

  • When an LSP user shared a view with another user in their org, the view didn't appear in the recipient's matters grid.

  • When one user logged into the Business Portal and navigated to the 'Home' button, the content failed to load.

  • The Legal Service Provider's name didn't appear in an invoice preview.

  • Voided invoices appeared in the 'Pending Invoices' grid.

  • The 'edit' button didn't display on user cards opened from the Directory.

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