The matter owner role

LawVu works on the concept that all matters belong to organisations and their in-house legal team. As such, whenever matters are created, they will have a default matter owner who is a member of that organisation - this will usually be the person who created the matter.

The matter owner (or their delegates) have full control over every aspect of a matter. They can add files, create tasks, send messages, invite other people, set people's permissions within the matter and much more.

When the matter has been completed they can update the status of the matter, and if the matter was created in error, they can delete that matter.

The matter owner is deemed to be responsible for the matter.

The matter manager role

The concept of the matter manager is that they work collaboratively with the matter owner to the conclusion of the matter. If the matter owner is the left hand,  the matter manager is the right hand.

The matter manager is usually assigned by the matter owner - and can be someone inside the same organisation as the matter owner ('internal' matter manager) or someone from a legal service provider / law firm ('external' matter manager).

Matter managers have largely the same permissions as matter owners and the role is designed to work collaboratively with the matter owner.

Note: Work can continue on a matter without having either a matter owner or a matter manager - but we recommend always having at least a matter owner assigned as this makes it easier to keep track of matters.

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