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How Intake works

When matters are created, the matter owner will often assign a matter manager to that newly created matter.

In most instances, the matter owner will know who they want to assign as the matter manager, and that person will receive a notification directly.

However, if the matter owner doesn't know who to assign as the matter manager (which is likely if the matter was created via email or the Business Portal), then they can select your organization (as an entity) and assign that as the matter manager ... this will make the matter fall into your Intake queue.

The person in charge of managing the Intake queue will receive a notification of the new matter. They can then review the matter from the Intake queue and assign it to the appropriate person in their team as a matter manager.

A matter will fall into the Intake queue if the matter manager is ever 'unassigned.'

Please note: a matter will only hit the Intake queue if it has been created by a Standard User (an internal business user) or a Contributor. If a LawVu administrator or a member of the In-house legal team creates the matter, it is assumed the correct person will have been assigned to the matter and will, therefore not require triage.


You must have the 'Intake Manager' permission to access the Intake queue.

If you're unsure if you have the 'Intake Manager' permissions, just click on your profile (at the top right of LawVu) and click 'Permissions' from the menu on the left.

The 'Intake Manager' permission is only available to people in the 'Organisation Admin' and 'In-house legal' Roles.

Where is the Intake queue?

Firstly, log into LawVu and hover over the 'Matters' tab. You will find the Intake queue with a number indicating the number of matters in your queue.

Once there, you can click on the matters, review them, and assign the correct person to be the Matter Manager.

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