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Administrators can now set a specific individual or the Intake queue to act as the default Matter Manager for newly created matters. This option is set at the matter type level.

This enables the business to control requests coming in from users and how matters are distributed within the team.

How to appoint a default Matter Manager

Go to Settings > Matter Management > Matter types

Select the matter type you want to add a default Matter Manager and go to the Settings tab.

Click on + Add to select a specific individual or the Intake queue from the people picker.

Note - Only users with 'Manage matters' permission can act as Matter Managers

You can add a legal team member as the Matter Manager or your organization's Intake queue. You can also choose a lawyer from your external law firm or its Intake queue.

Now all matters of the specific matter type you create will be automatically assigned.

If users wish to change the default Matter Manager, they can click on the Matter Manager field and choose another person during the matter creation process.

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