Most of the time, when working on matters, you're going to want to collaborate with a key person in order to get the matter completed.
This person is someone we refer to as a 'Matter manager' and maybe another person in the same in-house legal team as the matter owner, or more commonly, someone who works in an external law firm (legal service provider).

How to assign someone as a matter manager?

This can be achieved either during the process of creating the matter - or once the matter has been created.

Assigning during matter creation

Assigning after matter creation

Do I need to know who to assign as the matter manager?

Most organizations will have relatively close relationships with their legal service providers and therefore they'll know who they want to work with and can select that person from the list.

If you're not sure who best to assign the matter to then you can assign it directly to the legal service provider and they'll take it from there and assign it to someone in their team.

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