It's very common to want to drag emails or attachments directly from Outlook into LawVu. unfortunately whilst this can work intermittently, it's not a formally supported feature.

Microsoft Limitation

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook has a built-in limitation and Microsoft themselves do not formally support drag and drop from Outlook directly into a Web application like Salesforce, or LawVu.

How can I use drag and drop?

Option 1 - drag and drop with no issue, via a two-step process.
Drag the file/email onto the desktop and then pick it up from there and drag it into LawVu (or any other web application).

Option 2 - use a third party drag and drop tool to "automate" the two-step process invisibly for your users, providing drag and drop in one step.

The good news is that there are affordable options that you can install to give Outlook the functionality that will allow you to drag email or files directly from Outlook into LawVu.

Option 1: "Dragdrop":

Option 2: "Outlook2Web": and gets good reviews at the G2 Review Site.

Once you've installed one of these options, you'll be able to drag and drop directly to LawVu from Outlook. Please note, these solutions are available online and are not formally endorsed, supported or promoted by LawVu as an official add-on or plug-in.

Will Microsoft formally support drag and drop from Outlook to web-based applications?

From Microsoft's standpoint, there's various articles, forum postings and rumours online that Microsoft will build this feature for Outlook, but it, unfortunately, has not yet been formally added. Click here to read more from third party sources.

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