Permission levels affect what the user sees and how they can interact with Matters and Contracts within LawVu. These can be set for each Matter using our intuitive Access Controls.

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Members Tab

The Members tab contains a list of the people who are actively participating on the matter. They can view the matter from their All Matters and My Matters lists and as such will receive notifications of key matter events. They can view all public matter information and can invite new members.

The Access Level column denotes the permissions level of each member. Only the Matter Owner and Matter Manager can adjust the access level for each member here. The access level listed here applies to this matter only. For a synopsis of the different Access Levels, hover over the little question mark icon.

Alternatively, check out the following article on Roles within LawVu.

How to add members

To add Members to a matter simply click the + Add Members button in the top right of the Members tab.

Use the people picker to search for your colleagues to add as members.

To remove members simply click the "x" to the right of their name.

Security Tab

To the right of the Members tab is the Security Tab. The Security Tab enables us to see everyone who can actually view a matter. This includes security groups such as Matter Administrators (formerly known as having Can Access All Matters permission), Contract Administrators, and Teams.

We can grant access to a Team here by using the + Add teams button.

It is important to note that granting access just means they have visibility over the matter and will be able to view it from their All Matters list. Not until they actually contribute on a matter will the individual become a member, then they will see the matter in their My Matters list and start receiving notifications. Responding to a conversation does not constitute contributing to the matter in a meaningful way; it is possible to get added to a conversation without becoming an actual member of the matter.

How to add people to security groups

There are two types of security groups:

  1. Matter Administrators
  2. Contract Administrators

Administrators have visibility over the entire category. For example, a Matter Administrator can view all matters. This was formerly known as having "Can Access All Matters" permission.

To add someone to either the Matter or Contract Administrator security groups, apply the following process:

  1. Ensure your permissions level is Administrator

2. Go to Settings > User management > Security groups

3. Select the desired Security group. For example, Matter administrators

4. Click the + Add people button to access the people picker. Search for and add people as required.

How to Restrict a Matter

The security tab is also where we Restrict a matter.

Restricting a matter removes any teams that have been added via the Security tab (either manually or by inheritance) and renders the matter visible only to those listed in the Members tab. By extension files, attachments and conversations will also only be visible to invited members.

For those who are not members, the matter will not even appear in their searches.

If desired the Restriction can be removed, thereby opening visibility of that matter back up to everyone listed in the Security Tab.

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