How to create matters from email

Send an email into LawVu to open a new matter

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A common workflow for our clients is to receive emails from people around the business to open a new matter. The email will often contain the objectives and background of the matter. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could send that email straight to LawVu to create a new matter?

All you need to do is forward the message to:

APAC email address -

EU email address -

US email address -
Canada email address -

US Gov email address -

Note: The creation of matters through this method is restricted to LawVu users with Administrator, In-house legal, and Matter Manager roles. Other user roles will receive a bounce-back email, and a non-LawVu user attempting to do so will not achieve any results.

Once received, the system will open a new matter and assign you the role of matter owner as well as the matter manager, which can be modified at a later time if needed.

It's also important to note that the matter type of the newly created matter will be "TBC". You can conveniently change this from LawVu, and the associated fields will be updated in line with the matter type's configuration. The most recent message will be reflected in the matter Objectives field, and any file attachments in the email thread will be saved to the matter Files.

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