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How to use the matter email address
How to use the matter email address

Create new conversations from emails

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The matter email address can be used by matter members to create a new conversation on that matter.

To locate the email address, go to the Details tab. It will be displayed similarly to the example provided. Simply click the Copy icon then paste it into the respective fields (To:, Cc:, or Bcc:) of your email client.

Emailing the matter email address allows the email (thread) to be saved as a new conversation. This will allow recipients who are not named people on the matter to still reply to the email thread and for that thread to be saved in a new LawVu conversation.

It's important to note that the matter email address is not static. Each time you use it to create a new conversation thread in a matter, a new matter email address is then generated.

LawVu uses the sender's email address to locate the corresponding user account. If a person outside of LawVu sends an email to the matter email address to begin a conversation, it will bounce back.

Members of the matter must begin the conversation and include the external user's email address for the external user to be able to correspond regarding a matter. Although the external user can participate in conversations this way, they won't become members of it.

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