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Create new matters from Salesforce
Create new matters from Salesforce

Create matters in LawVu directly from Salesforce

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With the Salesforce integration, you can make your legal team and the wider business more efficient and keep everyone in sync.

Salesforce users don't have to use another tool to raise matter requests. They can create new matters directly from Salesforce. As a result, engaging with legal is a lot easier.

By streamlining intake and enabling Salesforce users to raise structured legal matter requests straight from Salesforce, you will improve your legal team's efficiency, visibility, and engagement with the wider business without disrupting their work.

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Create a new LawVu matter from Salesforce

Before creating a new LawVu matter from Salesforce, your Administrator must have already mapped the LawVu Salesforce Opportunity fields to the Matter Fields. You can refer to this section to read about the mapping process.

1. Starting with an opportunity that isn’t already linked to a LawVu matter, click the 'Add' button under LawVu - Matters

2. Choose the matter type for the new matter you're creating.

3. Fill in all the mandatory fields in the create form of the matter. If any of the fields have already been filled in Salesforce, they will be pre-filled in the form.

4. Select one or more files to attach to the new matter from the Upload Files button.

5. Click 'Create Matter'

After a matter is generated, it will exhibit details such as the Matter manager, Stage, and any Status Messages.

By clicking on the link to the matter, a detailed view will open up. It is possible for your system administrator to modify the fields visible in this view. For further information, please refer to this section.

Link a Salesforce opportunity to an existing LawVu matter

Go to the Link button. You will be presented with a dialog box similar to the one below. You may choose from a matter you have recently opened in LawVu or use the 'Search Matters' control to find a matter by name. After you have selected the appropriate matter, click the 'Link to matter' button :

Unlink an opportunity from a matter

Starting with an opportunity that is linked to a LawVu matter, click the drop-down arrow and select the 'Unlink matter' button. Next, you will be presented with a confirmation dialog. Click the “Unlink” button to proceed.

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