A key concept when creating matters in LawVu is the 'Matter Type'.

Matter types, at their most basic, allow you to categorize the type of matter you're working on so that you can easily report on it down the line.

However, you can get a lot more out of your matter types by assigning custom fields to them.

This means you can say, "Whenever I create a matter with the type of 'Lease review' I need to capture these specific fields, 'Document ID', 'Lease value' etc etc".

You can have as many matter types and custom field combinations as you wish.

Whenever you create a new matter, the first step will be to choose a 'Matter type'.

How do I manage matter types?

Currently, we create a default list of matter types that can be customized by a member of your team with the appropriate permissions - usually the person that administers your LawVu account.

That person can manage them by clicking into the 'Settings' icon at the bottom of the main navigation strip and then clicking into the 'Matter management' settings.

Once a matter type has been created you can build it out with fields.

Fields are the individual data points that you want to capture for a matter type (or contract type). These can be things like a paragraph field that captures the background details of the matter, or a drop-down list of departments, etc. Fields are super powerful.

Learn more about how fields work.
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