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Concept and required permission

In-line editing allows you to treat the matter list a little more like a spreadsheet in that you can switch the grid/list into an 'Editable' mode and make changes directly to some matter fields, without having to open the matter to do so.

Typically if you have access to the matter (i.e. it is visible to you in your grids) then you have the ability to edit it using in-line editing. It is not mandatory to join the matter to make it editable. In fact, for efficient intake management and allocation of matter managers, it is advisable to edit without joining every matter.

Firstly, ensure that you have the below permission enabled:

Do note that this permission is available to the following roles only:

  • In-house Legal

  • Matter Manager (LSP)

  • Org Admin

When you have the necessary editing permission, a pencil icon will be visible at the top right corner of your grid screen. Click this to enter the 'Editable' mode.

How it works

After switching the grid into 'Editable' mode, pencil icons will become visible next to any editable field. You can then simply click on the relevant icon to modify that field.

Clicking anywhere outside the edited field box or hitting the 'Enter' key will confirm and save the changes you made to the field.

Keyboard shortcuts

Press ENTER to save and move down to the next row
Press SHIFT+ENTER to save and move up a row
Press TAB to save and move to the next editable field in the same row
Press SHIFT+TAB to save and move to the previous editable field in the same row

What fields can I edit?

At the moment you can edit the following field types:

  • Matter Owner

  • Matter Manager

  • Single line text

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Date-picker

  • Dropdown

  • Single checkbox

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