Release notes for 20 April, 2020

List of items included in Release 91

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The following items are included in Release 91:

Introducing Files in Contracts which works and functions like the files tab in Matters and enables users to:

  • Upload, email, compare, download and delete documents

  • Create, upload, amend or delete folders

  • Create private folders using the Privacy function


  • Reinstating the modal which alerts users that a matter is restricted

  • Hitting enter no longer clears search results

  • Search is no longer excluding results based on a full stop in the file name

  • Drop down field is no longer appearing twice on the create matter modal in Internet Explorer 11

  • Contracts can no longer be moved to earlier stages from Executed stage

  • Users creating matters from the Gmail addin are assigned as the matter owners

  • Cosmetic improvement to the tags fields on the Matter Details page

  • Improved pop over to view key dates in the Contract grid

  • Sub tasks in task list templates added to a matter are now displaying correctly

  • Matter comments scroll box no longer moves below the screen

  • Preview for Gmail nested emails corrected in Conversations

  • Keyboard navigation enabled for the people selectors

  • Desktop.ini file excluded from file uploads

Performance and Maintenance:

  • Date formats standardised across the platform

  • Additional organisation activity logs 

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