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Concept of folder templates

Utilize ‘Folder templates’ to standardize the folders and files added to your new matters and contracts by default. This way, you can organize your files tab automatically without manually adding your preferred folders and files to each matter or contract.

How to create folder templates

Folder templates for both matters and contracts can be created by clicking on the Settings icon and going to Matter management or Contract management.

To create matter folder templates, click on Matter management settings. Go to Matter types. Click on the desired matter type and navigate to the Folder templates tab to create new folders.

Use the + Folder button in the top right.

Name the folder and click the Create button.

Now every time a matter of that matter type will be created, a default 'Emails' folder will show up under the Files tab of that matter

Follow the same process when creating and editing folder templates within contracts.

How to add files to folder templates

Once you create the folder, add files by dragging and dropping them from your desktop to LawVu. These folders and files will appear in any new matters you add of this matter type by default.

You can upload a new version, move, tag, and delete the files by clicking on the ellipsis menu on the file.

Click here to learn more about tags.

Renaming and deleting folders

To rename or delete folders, go to Folder templates under Matter management and click on the three-dot ellipsis button.

Note - New folder templates or changes made to existing folder templates will only be applied to new matters. Matters created before these will be unaffected.

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