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What to check if LawVu feels slow?
What to check if LawVu feels slow?

We have constant monitoring to alert us to any potential slowdowns in LawVu but if things feel slow for you here are a few things to check.

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If you experience any slowness with our LawVu website, please do some simple checks first before you reach out to our LawVu support.

1. Please restart your computer. 

This is the quickest way to resolve many computer issues.

2. Check other websites

Accessing some other websites at the same time will help you to distinguish if your internet connection is slow in general at the moment.

3. VPN Connection

Please check if you are using a VPN connection to access your work network. This might have been set up by your IT Team. 

If you are on a VPN connection, then access to the internet will potentially be slower as your internet connection travels through your company's servers and then back to you.
If you don't know if you are on a VPN connection, please ask your system administrator.

LawVu does not require a VPN connection, so please check with your system administrator if you can work without a VPN connection in LawVu.

4. Check your Internet Speed

Please check your internet speed connection through here or

Connection speeds below 20.0 Mbps might indicate a slow connection.If you experience any issues with above, please talk to your IT team first and ask for help.


Please keep in mind that the current situation has imposed certain changes to the internet connection. Internet traffic usage is very high at the moment and will likely remain high for an extended time. Depending on the country you are connecting from, your Internet Services Providers (ISP) might have implemented traffic prioritization for essential services. If none of the above issues applies, please contact our support for help.

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