Release notes for the 31 May 2020

Items included in Release 96

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The following items are included in Release 96:

Updates to File Tab in Matters / Contracts

New functionality:

  • Can be found on the Files tab in Matters and Contracts

  • Includes a new 'view mode' which gives you the ability to view all files in a quickly scan-able list.

  • Includes a new 'view mode' for Emails where you can view all emails on a matter in columns for 'Subject', 'From', 'To', 'Sent / received', 'Attachments'

  • You can now drag and drop files within the LawVu files area - which makes it easier to organise files into folders etc.

Changes to existing functionality:

You will no longer see folders for 'conversations', 'tasks' or 'contracts' in the files section. The reason for this change is to make the files section a much more curated list of files relevant to the matter / contract itself.

To locate files attached to tasks or conversation just go to the relevant task or conversation.

Upcoming functionality

The next release of files will introduce a brand new File Browser which will allow you to move / copy files from Tasks, Conversations and anywhere else in LawVu to Matters / Contracts.


- Editing fields on matters

Fields on the matter details will be 'Read only' by default. To make changes to these fields users will have to click the 'edit' button
(this will be rolling out to contracts soon)

- A change to the matter level email function

The matter level email address is now used to create a new conversation on a matter. This will allow recipients who are not on the matter, to reply into an email thread.

- Next Key Date Column in the Contract Grids

A new column titled 'Next Key Date' can be now be added to your grid views in Contracts and will display the next key date on that contract.


  • Users will see matters that they are on (not as matter owner or manager) in their saved views.

  • Date fields now refresh in the grids

  • The Access Denied modal is no longer displayed when opening a matter a user has permissions to access

Performance and Maintenance

None scheduled at time of writing this article

Urgent fixes already released

  • Key dates can now be deleted [24 May 2020]

  • Users can now navigate to task lists from everywhere within LawVu [24 May 2020]

  • There is no longer an auto-focus on paragraph fields when the Matter Details page is loaded [24 May 2020]

  • Matters a user is on are now displayed when their permissions are changed [26 May 2020]


Release 95 retained for maintenance

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