Release notes for the 2 November 2020

Items included in Release 106

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Release 106 includes the following changes:

Organization Settings

  • Introducing Field Management to manage and configure all fields

  • Other Party field options can now be managed within Field Management

  • Adjust "is the contract already signed" field to allow it to be configured on details screen

  • New Create Form and Previews introduced when configuring matter and contract types

  • Matter and contract types can now be duplicated including all current configuration


  • Other Party field values are displayed in both Matter and Contract grids

  • Searching with " / " now returns results in Global Search

  • Activity Log updates when sending a document via email

  • Conversation text box no longer hides the last 3 lines of a conversation while typing

  • Ability to choose a person to respond to a NPS survey when closing a matter

  • New NPS survey email


  • Introducing the Docusign Activity Panel which now tracks recipient responses as well as tracks various states of a document during the signing process

Urgent fixes released during the release cycle:


  • Administrators can only see their dates in the personal calendar of the dashboard

  • Administrators can toggle Send Matters Externally on the Contributor role

  • Time entries report report removed for Inhouse Legal users

  • All conversations are marked as read when viewed by user

  • Administrators can file documents to matters from Outlook

  • Standard users can now only see their own actions in the Preview

  • Word Addin login issues resolved

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