Time management enables you to review the time batches posted by your inhouse legal team, and convert them into PDF invoices.

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Working with Time Batches

To get started, click the Time Management icon in the left admin bar.

A list of time batches is displayed, along with the current status of each batch. An active batch can have time posted against it. An open batch is not able to receive new time entries, but can still be worked on for invoicing. A closed batch is one that is no longer in use.

There will always be a batch open for receiving time entries. Each time a batch is closed, a fresh one opens automatically.

Use the ellipsis buttons on the right to adjust the status as required.

Select the time batch you wish to work on. Within the batch, you will see the individual time entries along with the status of each of these. Check out this article to learn more about time entries.

Select a time entry to edit it. Alternatively, if you wish to remove any of the time entries from the batch, hover over the Matter name for the relevant time entry and click the ellipsis button to display the Unpost option.

How to generate invoices from time batches

To create an invoice select the desired time entry. You can select multiple time entries at once.

With the time entries checkbox(es) selected, click the Create Invoices button.

Once the invoice has been generated you can open the invoice batch.

At the bottom of the invoice batch, select each individual invoice to display a range of action options, allowing you to either Send, Download, or Void the invoice.

Hitting the Send button conveniently enables you to email a copy of the invoice directly from here.

Click the Post batch button in the top right to post the invoices contained in this batch to their respective matters. LawVu will notify the relevant matter owners and billing contacts.

The invoice is now visible within the Invoice Tab of the relevant matter.

Once the invoice has been posted it is listed as Pending until approved by the relevant Matter Owner.

Within Time Management in the left-hand admin bar, the Time Entry Administrator will now see the invoice batch listed as Billed until payment has been received and the invoices have been approved by the Matter Owner. Once this occurs the batch will display as Paid.

The PDF invoice can be reviewed at any stage by clicking the little invoice icon to the right of the matter name.

How to allocate invoice recipients when billing internally

Some organizations will have internal clients they need to invoice based on their time entries. For example, an organization may have matters raised by their internal business users. The inhouse team will triage those matters, then outsource them to the appropriate external law firm. However, they still need to bill for their time spent managing those matters.

Invoices from external law firms are easily identifiable, as we can see on the invoice which firm has raised the invoice, and they are likely just billing our organization directly.

When billing internally, however, it is more complex. The in-house team may not wish to raise an invoice against their company as a whole. Instead, they may want to specify recipients to receive invoices generated from the time entries against each matter.

To set up an invoice recipient, go to Settings / Vendor Management / Billing and click the + Add new button under Recipient billing details.

Enter the recipient's details and hit the Create button.

The Invoice Recipient you have set up can now be added as a field to the relevant matters.

Once the Invoice Recipient field has been added to the matter, simply go to the Matter Details tab and select the appropriate recipient from the dropdown menu.

The Recipient's name will then appear on invoices created from time batches against this matter.

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