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Recording time with LawVu helps you make the most of every minute

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Recording your time in LawVu enables you to capture the time spent engaged on particular matters.

Before you can utilize the time entries feature, ensure that you have the Record time entries permission switched on in your profile. If you do not, contact one of the LawVu administrators in your organization to get it enabled.

How to create a time entry

Hover your mouse over the Hub icon and select Time Entries.

As the modal opens, it displays a list of your recent time entries. Use the filter dropdown in the top-left to display them on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. The arrow buttons can be used to quickly cycle through the selected viewing options (i.e. flick forwards and backward between the days or weeks).

To create a new time entry, simply click the + Add time entry button.

Begin by searching for the matter you want to book the time against.

Select the appropriate activity from the dropdown list. The options in this list can be edited by your administrator. Learn how to do this here.

Book the time spent against the selected matter either in time units or minutes. Note that a default unit equals six minutes. For example, we can either enter "15" in the UNIT field or "1:30" in the H: MM field.

You can also select whether the time is billable to the client or if you want to auto-post the entry to a time batch.

How to add time entries from a matter

Alternatively, you can also add time entries from a matter as long as you are a member of that matter. Click on the clock icon from the Matter toolbar. This opens the time entries modal. Follow the same process as described previously.

When posting time entries from a matter, ensure 'auto-post entry' is enabled, as they will only reflect in the matter once they are posted.

You can make changes to already posted time entries from Hub -Time entries grid: unpost, make changes, and then re-post them.

How to post to a time batch

To post to a time batch, you will need to select the individual time entries and click Post.

Once done, the status will update to Posted and will reflect in the active time batch.

Click here to learn more about working with time batches.

How to delete time entries

To delete a time entry, go to the Hub > Time Entries and find the appropriate entry you would like to delete.

Do note that you can only delete a time entry only when the status is Entered. If the status is Posted, you need to Unpost it first, then Delete.

Time Entries States

There are a number of different states available for time entries :

  • Entered - This simply means that the time entry has been entered on my side as a user. It has not been posted to a time batch yet and, as such, is still editable.

  • Posted - The time entry has been posted to a time batch.

  • Billed - An invoice has been created from the time entry.

  • Paid - The invoice has been paid by the client and has now been "Approved" within the matter.

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