Release Notes 25 January 2021

List of items included in Release 108

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  • Toaster notification move to center of the screen

  • Error messages will remain until user dismisses it or clicks away

  • Documents have document id's when uploaded

  • Views in the Files tabs are now cached

  • Conversation email addresses have been added to Search


  • Addressed intermittent logout issue

  • Fixed ability to change contract user license from standard to contributor

  • Added a message description for Legal Service Provider users who do not have the correct permissions to create matter for client organisations

  • Cosmetic fixes on the Reporting Dashboards within LawVu

  • Adding current user to folder when making it private

  • Filtering improvements for Matter Manager and Fee Arrangement columns

  • Files associated with deleted matters and contracts are removed from Search and no longer appear in Recents

  • Teams can be assigned to contract types without causing errors

  • Minor fix for inherited teams in the organisation settings area

  • Additional logging for the linking and removing of a contract from a matter

  • Alphabetisation of departments now adheres to heirachy

  • Can now search for files with numerics in their names

  • Fixed suppression of notifications for Matter Owners and Matter Manager when users join/are added to matters

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