How to change users' notifications

Learn how LawVu Administrators can tailor notifications to suit the various roles in your organization.

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Can Administrators change users' notifications?

  • For new users: Yes, Administrators can customize notifications for new users based on their roles.

  • For existing users: No, Administrators cannot modify notifications for users already in the system. Existing users must update their notification settings themselves, as Administrators do not have the capability to override them.

How to customize notifications for new users

Why is this important?

This enables you to reduce unnecessary notification noise for your users while helping them focus on those alerts that are key to performing their function efficiently.

Keep in mind that these changes will only apply to users who join LawVu after the update. Once existing users set their preferred notification settings, Administrators cannot override them.

To set up default notifications for new users

1. Click the Settings icon found in the bottom left of the LawVu screen.

2. Select Settings

3. Go to Manage Notifications.

4. Highlight one of the user roles on the left, then scroll down through the list on the right and select the notification settings to be applied to that role.

You have the option to switch off email notifications, notifications within the LawVu application, or both.

5. Repeat for each of the four user roles.

Watch this animation to see this workflow in action:

Starting now, new LawVu users will be automatically assigned the specific set of default notifications you've established for them.

However, they will still be able to modify these settings from their Profile preferences.

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