A key element of invoice management is understanding when an invoice has been paid. It is a critical piece of information from a reporting perspective, but also when wanting leverage. Unpaid invoices often provide that.

Here is how to mark an invoice as paid.

Navigate to the invoice in question. In this case, we have gone via the invoices section within a matter. Select the invoice file.

Click the Actions button in the top-right of the preview. Select Mark as Paid.

Enter the Paid Date, along with a descriptive Invoice Note if required. Once complete, click the Mark as paid button.

The invoice grid now reflects the Paid status and displays the date of payment. The Invoice Note is also visible in the Description column.

The same method holds true when marking multiple invoices or an entire invoice batch as paid. Below we have navigated to Engage > Legal Service Providers > Invoice batches and have selected the desired invoice batch.

You can make use of the date range option from the grid and filter the invoices weekly, monthly, yearly, or a specific date range. With the desired invoices highlighted, click Mark as paid.

The Paid status, Paid Date, and Invoice Note in the Description column will be applied to all selected invoices within the batch.

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