Law Firms, Article 1: Getting Started with LawVu

A walkthrough the process of getting started with LawVu, including accepting an invitation and adding your colleagues as users.

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Accept the Invitation to work in LawVu

1 - Upon receiving the generated email inviting you to LawVu, open the email and proceed by clicking on the "Accept Invitation" button.

2 - This will direct you to the page where you can set up your password for first-time login. Note: Passwords should need to be 10 characters or longer, and be fairly complex. The system will indicate if the password is strong enough and would also provide suggestions.

3 - Once you have finished setting up your password, you will be prompted to log in once again using the newly created password. Upon logging in, you will be greeted with your LawVu Dashboard.

Client access level

Your access within LawVu depends on what the client has shared with you. You may be able to see matters and contracts, or simply upload invoices.


When you are given 'Collaboration' access, you will have the privilege to access clients' matters and contracts, as well as the capability to upload invoices.

Once the invitation is accepted, users within your organization can be assigned as the Matter Manager or Delegate manager, as well as be added as members to clients' matters and contracts.

Click here to learn more about how to work with your clients on matters.

Billing Only

With 'Billing Only' access, you will have the ability to upload invoices within LawVu.

To learn about the process of uploading invoices against a matter with Billing only access, click here.

How to add users

1 - To add users, first click on the Organization Settings icon in the bottom-left.

2 - This will open the Organization Settings view. Click User management, then Users Settings.

3 - From the view that opens, you can see all current users for your organization. To add a new user, click on + Add person.

4 - Enter the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Email. Then choose their role: Matter manager or Organization Admin. Then click on “Save.”

Note on roles: You will likely assign new users to be “Matter managers” unless you want them to have the same level of access as you have.

5 - The user you have added will receive an email similar to the one you initially received. They will be asked to accept the invitation from LawVu. Advise the user to click on "Accept Invitation" and proceed to set up a password.

Set User Permissions

The assigned organization administrators for LSPs also have the ability to customize the permissions for their internal users when accessing and managing both internal information and your client's information.

1 - Click on the Directory tab found on the left-hand side of your LawVu page to set the applicable permissions for each user, along with additional permissions and features.

2 - Click on the person’s name whose permissions you need to edit. In the popup that opens, click on “Edit.”

3 - In the screen that opens, set the relevant permissions for the user. Additional permissions and features, along with an explanation of each, are displayed in the right-hand menu.

Please be aware that when collaborating with multiple LawVu customers, permissions will differ based on the access granted by each organization. To control what your users can do with respect to your client’s information, go to Client Access.

  • If your LawVu account is linked to multiple clients, you will see them listed here.

  • Set the desired level of access for each client, hovering over the different popovers for explanations of each.

  • For more information on user client access, click here.

Add your delegates

Delegates let you share your workload with certain team members and allow these team members to perform actions for you.

To add your delegates, access your profile by clicking on the top right of the screen and selecting 'My profile'. From there, navigate to the 'Delegates' section on the left-hand menu and add or remove individuals as needed.

Your delegates will get added only to active matters in which you are assigned as the Matter Owner or Matter Manager. They will also receive the same notifications and have the same abilities that you have.

Note: To ensure that your delegates have equal access to matters and possess the same capabilities as you, it is essential to grant them identical permissions to yours.

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