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Accept the Invitation to Work in LawVu

1 - You will receive a generated email inviting you to LawVu. Open the email and click on “Accept Invitation.”

2 - This will take you to a popup. Your first and last name will already be filled in. Add your password under “Create a Password.” Add the same password under “Confirm your Password.” Then, click on “Log in.”

3 - You are now logged into LawVu! The first screen you will see is your LawVu Dashboard.

How to Add users

1 - To add users, first click on the “Organisation Settings” icon in the bottom-left. Note: If you hover over the icon, a callout will open that says, “Organisation Settings.”

2 - This will open the Organisation Settings view. Click User management, then Users Settings.

3 - From the view that opens, you can see all current users for your organisation. To add a new user, click on “+ Add person.”

4 - Enter the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Email. Then choose their role: Matter manager or Organisation Admin. Then click on “Save.”

Note on roles: You will likely assign new users to be “Matter managers” unless you want them to have the same level of access as you have.

5 - The user you have added will receive an email like the one you first received, asking them to accept the invitation from LawVu. Advise the user to click on “Accept Invitation” and set up a password.

Set User Permissions

You can now set permissions for your internal users in regards to your internal information and your client’s information.

1 - Select the “Directory” tab on the left-hand side to set the applicable permissions for each person, along with additional permissions and features.

2 - Click on the person’s name whose permissions you need to edit. In the popup that opens, click on “Edit.”

3 - In the screen that opens, set the permissions this user should have related to matters and contracts. Additional permissions and features, along with an explanation of each, are displayed in the right-hand menu.

You can also control what your users can do with respect to your clients’ information. To do this, go to “Client Access” from within a user’s profile in the directory.

  • If your LawVu account is linked to multiple clients, you will see them listed here.

  • Set the desired level of access for each client, hovering over the different popovers for explanations of each.

  • For more information on user client access, click here.

With your users set up, it is time to start working on matters.

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