Release Notes for 14 June, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 118

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  • We have released some more preparatory work for the RFP's feature.

  • Preparatory work to enable future bulk deletion of contracts

Bug fixes and other features:

  • Improve the toaster notification displayed when there's a duplicate article category

  • When there's no change in the permission and the user clicks "Save" button, it should work like a cancel

  • Unable to remove user to Security Group

  • Remove "Security groups" tile from User Management

  • Users can see "New Request" Button

  • Getting "Can delete all matters" & "Can delete own matters" permissions under User roles

  • User Roles still have "Timesheet access" & "Time administrator" even if the Org switch is turned OFF

  • Knowledge management org feature is OFF but the user can still access

  • Enable Prizmdoc as default for new orgs

  • Users that are members of a team that are assigned to a private folder are not able to search for documents in a private folder

  • 'Manage Intake' permission greyed out

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