Release Notes for 23 June, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 119

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  • We released even more preparatory work for the RFP's feature!

  • Preparatory work released for our Google Drive integration

  • More preparatory work, this time for the New Matter and Contract Member Access Levels.


  • Unable to reassign/assign matters to intake queue when Vendor Management feature is OFF

  • Certain users not able to assign Matter manager

  • Contract Grid/Config Nuance

  • One org had file upload issues Monday 17th between 9am / 9:30am

  • Unable to preview files

  • 'Internal error' message on uploading executed contract

  • Global search in Teams isn't highlighting the searched word

  • A single user unable to assign matters externally

  • Change rules/behaviour of Section Headers in Matter/Contract forms

  • Contributor role should not have the time administrator (security group) permissions option

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