Release Notes for 06 July, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 122

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Product Items

  • Preparatory work to introduce new Matter and Contract Member Access Level

  • Preparatory work to support bulk deletion of contracts - hidden behind a feature switch

  • Introduce in-app Download file notifications

  • Some final work on RFP Conversations

Bug fixes and other features:

  • A few users experienced an issue with chatbox shifting in the Conversations panel

  • Multi-lookup was not working when the matter duplicated

  • A single user was unable to send matters externally

  • When changing user role, permissions vanished requiring a refresh

  • Change permissions check in matter info panel

  • Reference role permissions when searching for MM

  • A file renamed in LawVu was not reflected in Gdrive

  • Files moved to a different folder in Gdrive was not being reflected in Gdrive

  • Added the ability to create a billable zero invoice to reflect gratuities

  • Added an Invoice Recipient Field to Time Management grids

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