Release Notes for 29 July, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 129

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Product Items

  • Still more preparatory work on the Executive Snapshot to do with graphs, screen resolution, and responsiveness

  • Some final preparatory work on the matter completion modal

  • Reconfigured the PrizmDoc toolbar

Product Items

  • Some users were unable to change the matter name

  • Search result said 'No results found' for contracts a user had access to.

  • Multi-select was not working in the matter files tab.

  • Email notification was received when only 'app' notifications were turned on

  • Changing the matter type was also changing the matter name

  • The ID attribute was doubling up when bulk select was enabled

  • DocuSign/HelloSign contracts were not automatically moving to the executed stage

  • Newly created matters and contracts were not showing fields values in the grids


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