Release Notes for 12 August, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 132

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Product Items:

  • We turned on a bunch of new features for users!
    1. The ability to add Teams to private folders

    2. Bulk download of files from Search results

    3. Added a new "Invoice Recipient" field to help with billing from Time Entries

    4. Added a new "Person" field to allow for naming a point-of-contact without adding that person as a matter/contract member

    5. Included the option to enable a Matter Completion form when closing matters

    6. Added the ability to create Time Entries from within the matter

    7. Allow for the creation of zero dollar line items in invoices to show gratuities - previously line items worth $0.00 were auto-removed from the invoice.

We also did some preparatory work on the following features (that are still not available to users):

  • The Executive Snapshot

  • Suggested next steps for Contracts

  • Restricting Intake visibility by Team

Engineering Items

  • Upgraded Angular to Version 8

Bug fixes

  • Duplicating a matter was not copying Team allocation

  • Corrected a conversations layout bug when saving email chains

  • Fixed an issue where some users got an error message when creating tasks

  • Conversations @mentions had stopped notifying users in-app. We fixed that.

  • Status updates @mentions had also taken a break, so we fixed those too!

  • LSP users can now open RFPs from the RFP grids again.

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