Editing contracts with Word Online

You can edit contracts directly with Word Online saving you the hassle of downloading a file every-time you need to make a change

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  • Document file format

    In order to send a contract file to Word Online (Office 365) the underlying contract file must be a .DOCX file.
    ​Note: a 'DOC' file is an older version of a Word file and will not work.

  • Office 365 account

    You will also need to have an Office 365 account to utilize the Word Online function.

How it works

Anytime you want to make an edit to the contract file, simply click the Edit icon and this will open the contract file via Word Online for editing.

The changes that you make in Word Online will be automatically saved back to the contract file, and it will be saved as a new (current) version back in LawVu.

Note: Any modifications made to the document within 10 minutes of the initial change will be reflected in the latest version saved in LawVu. The reason for this is that Word considers every edit as a new version, which could potentially lead to multiple new versions and cause confusion. To prevent this, all changes made within 10 minutes are consolidated into a single version.

What stage in the process can the contract be edited?

Word Online option is available in all contract lifecycle stages except Executed and Expired.

What about the approval process?

If there are no Approvals on the contract:

The contract file can be edited at any stage of the contract, from Draft to Signing.

If there are Approvals on the contract:

If the contract is at any stage from Negotiating to Signing, it will revert to Draft, and approvals will be reset (or need to be re-applied if there is no predefined Approval Workflow on the contract).

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