Release notes for 10 March, 2022

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 191

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Engineering Items:

  • We had some instances of sync messages from Google not renewing the watch on the root folder. Meaning, folders or files created in G Drive were being missed by LawVu.
    To minimize this, we have now removed the reliance on the Google sync event and instead manage the renewal on our side.

Bug fixes:

  • Approve actions button reinstated. Drive-in movie theatres, cassette walkmen, The Macarena...sometimes great things just go away. Like the Approval button in the "Actions" section of the dashboard. We don't know why it went, but unlike The Macarena, people wanted it back.

  • Invoice approval requests were not removed once actioned. One of our users reported that 'Pending approval' was still displayed even after an invoice has been approved. They found this to be wholly misleading. We agreed, so we have now corrected this.

  • Added a contract renewal modal. Renewing a contract that expired when executed makes sense. Renewing a contract that you are still working on doesn't. We had a sensible workflow in mind for this process. In fact, it was so good we kept it a secret. However, we've now added a useful modal that actually points you in the right direction.

  • Error uploading invoices. Several users reported getting an internal error when uploading invoices. When our engineering team was able to replicate this it gave them stomach pains too. This turned out to be a fields issue, which we have now resolved.

  • Auto-add became intermittent. Auto-adding your Teams to certain matter types is extremely useful. We received feedback that intermittently not auto-adding Teams to certain matter types is entirely unhelpful, so we have now addressed this.

  • Conversation display error. It's possible to have too much of a good thing. Like the extra icon that was occasionally appearing next to the General conversations. This was a simple frontend issue that has now been rectified.


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