Release notes for 26 April, 2022

A list of all the new content added to LawVu in release 204

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  • Contract approval history had stopped displaying the names of approvers notified. Typically when shifting a contract to the "Approval" stage, the approval history names the approvers being notified. Somehow, in the approval history within the contract, this morphed into the user themself being notified for every approver listed. Showing who was notified and when is essential from an audit perspective. Sending a contract for approval and immediately being told five times that you just sent a contract for approval is less useful. This has now been fixed.

  • The signed contract in DocuSign did not automatically return to LawVu. Receiving a notification from DocuSign that all signatories have signed a contract should indicate that the final marked copy is safely back in LawVu. It should not be the first step in a Da Vinci Code-esque quest to track the file down. Legal Ops is hectic enough without spending half your day solving Cryptexes and identifying Fibonacci sequences. Now the signed contract just returns to LawVu.

  • Notification in the Actions panel persisted even when the matter was deleted. Our Matter Manager assignment notifications are doggedly determined. They really want to deliver that assignment notification and certainly aren't going to be distracted from their mission by such trifling issues as the matter no longer existing. While we admire their unwavering commitment, enough is enough. If a matter is deleted, the assignment notification now disappears.

  • In the Gmail add-on, the email threads were tracking intermittently. Each email has an identifying code which LawVu began receiving intermittently from Google. While nerds like us need more excitement in our lives, discovering that email tracking has inadvertently devolved into a game of chance was not the way to go about it. This has now been resolved.

  • Users reported receiving an error when they tried to delete a single invoice from a batch. When users tried to delete a single invoice from a batch they were presented with a most helpful error message. In its entirety, it read as follows: "Cannot delete selected invoice. The following error occurred: Error - cannot delete the invoice." Obviously, this cleared things right up. Thanks to this insightful information, we were able to get the issue fixed.

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