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Accelerating contract approvals right from your mobile.

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We've reimagined the LawVu mobile app to help you manage contracts easily on your phone. Whether you're working remotely or on the move, you can review, approve, or decline contracts from anywhere.

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Our new mobile app, available on both iOS & Android, focuses on contract approvals on the go. The LawVu app allows you to review, approve or decline contracts from mobile device, making contract workflows easier and faster.

With the new mobile LawVu app, you can:

  • Receive notifications for contracts needing your review

  • Approve or decline contracts easily from your phone

  • Review and revisit approved or declined contracts

Download and install the app

The LawVu app is available for download on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Search for the app by name “LawVu“ and follow the installation instructions.

After installation, log in using your standard LawVu credentials or through Single Sign-On (SSO) if your organization supports it.

Review, approve or decline contracts

The app organizes contract approvals into different stages. You can switch between tabs to view :

  • With you - contracts that need your approval

  • With others - contracts awaiting approval from others

  • Complete - contracts that have finished the approval process

Approve or decline contracts

To approve or decline a contract, go to the 'With you' tab and click on the contract requiring your approval. The Details tab provides a general overview about the contracts' status, its current phase, and any available status updates:

To review the contract document, go to the Document tab. Use the search function to find keywords within the document, and use the arrows to navigate to the next occurrence:

Under the Approvers tab, you'll see who has been set as an approver for the current stage as well as for different stages of the contract.

When it's time to approve/decline the contract

Once you have a thorough overview of the contract, you can click the Approve button or the little arrow next to it to reveal the Decline option. You'll be asked to add a comment (an optional step if you're approving the contract and mandatory if you're declining it).

Once approved/declined, all the contract members are notified and the contract is updated in the LawVu application instantly.

The comment you make is visible in the Timeline under the Activity tab in the browser as well as next to the speech bubble icon next to your name:

Approve a contract you've previously declined

You can revisit a contract you've previously declined and approve it if you have changed your mind by clicking the 'Change decline to approve' button:

Receive notifications on your mobile

You can turn on push notifications in the app settings to receive alerts on your phone for pending contract approvals or when contracts are approved or declined in LawVu.

Good to know

Does the app have matter functionality as well ?

There is currently no matter-focused functionality. We're always interested in customer feedback and reviewing what may come next to the app, so please provide your feedback through this link:

Is the app secure?

The LawVu mobile app has a simple and effective approach to security. Data is not persistently stored on the device - all data is securely retrieved from LawVu using HTTPS/TLS. Authentication uses the same approach as our other integrations. Through this approach, use of the mobile app inherits all existing the security controls which undergo our external audit assessments. The app does not ask for additional device permissions.

Can I access contracts offline?

No, the mobile app requires a data connection to operate.

What about the previous LawVu iOS app?

The new app will replace the previous iOS app, and is now available on iOS & Android.

How can I provide feedback or report an issue?

Use the "Help & Support" option in the settings menu to submit your feedback or report issues.

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