Once an invoice is posted, the matter owner/or delegate can easily review it - approve or decline it from the LawVu interface

From Inbox, clicking Actions will display the invoice that needs approval.

The invoice modal opens:

Select Approve if you want to approve the invoice. Fees to date will be updated for the matter and the invoice will be sent to Accounts Payable if this was selected as an option.

Select Decline if you want to decline the invoice. You will be able to provide a reason for declining.

Once an invoice has been declined, the invoice fields cannot be edited anymore.

The invoice status as well as the reason for declining is sent to the person who uploaded the invoice, and to the Matter Manager and Organization Administrator on the law firm side in an email/in-app notification. The reason for declining will also be recorded as the last field in the invoice.

If the invoice is from a LEDES file, the workflow is similar. The in-line editing modal will open and you'll select Review to approve or decline the invoice.

A copy of the original uploaded Ledes file will also be available for download in the Original invoice column found in the Invoices grid.

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