Release notes for 21 February, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 280

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  • In Reports β†’ Service Providers β†’ Fees by Service Provider, declined invoices were included in the fee total for one client's LSP.

  • During internal testing, when an LSP's user posted an invoice, a user from the client's organization could edit the 'Legal Service Provider' field in both the invoice modal when the invoice was being previewed, and the invoice grid that appeared within the matter.

  • The number of 'pending' invoices listed for an LSP didn't match the number of invoices present.

  • The toggle button that allows the removal of team members in contract and matter type settings wouldn't remain enabled.

  • Contracts sent to DocuSign for signing didn't return to LawVu after execution.

  • When an approval phase was in place at the signing stage of a contract, it could be bypassed by moving the contract to any stage other than signing and sending the contract file for signing.

  • When two contract versions were compared using Workshare, the order was switched, and the original document became the modified document.

  • When editing a posted invoice in the Matter Invoice grid, changes made to the invoice either in-line or via the modal were not saved.

  • Adding a Recipient to an RFP resulted in one user getting the loading icon, with the addition ultimately failing.

  • The bulk actions option was available for a user without any matters or contracts in their grids.

  • A member of an LSP could create restricted matters by ticking the 'restricted' checkbox in the 'create' form of a matter type.

  • When filtering on the 'description' column in the 'Invoices' table within a matter, the wrong filter type appeared, and the data disappeared when sorted.

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