Release notes for 28 February, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 282

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New Features:

  • Contract Overview allows users to see the contract documents and data fields together in the 'Overview' tab.

  • The ability to delete document categories from the Knowledge Base.


  • When trying to upload invoices by clicking on the 'Invoices' tab within a matter, nothing happened, and the invoicing grid failed to appear for LSP users.

  • When adding a new user by going to the Settings Icon → User management → Users → Add person, the modal took too long to load, and it was unclear if the user account was actually created.

  • When a contract was moved along the lifecycle by a Business User with the ability to create contracts, they didn't see the ‘confirm and notify approvers’ button.

  • The contract ID # didn't appear in the 'contract executed' email notification.

  • The 'date range' filter could not be cleared in the 'account activity' grid.

  • When trying to create a new contract by uploading a contract file from the Knowledge Base, the contract didn't appear to get created and the internal user didn't receive notification of contract creation, causing the user to create a duplicate and both contract files were empty.

  • An internal user received a 'could not find all invoices' message, when they opened the invoices grid in Engage.

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