Release notes for 23 March, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 288

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Product Enhancements:

Contract Data Extraction

  • We changed the modal so the 'contract name' field appears before the contract type.

  • The document name was made editable and long names were truncated.


  • The calculation methods for 'fees,' 'disbursements,' 'total tax', and 'accruals' were updated to make calculations more consistent and predictable.

  • The header summary in Matter Details was updated to reflect the values entered in 'fees to date,' 'unapproved fees,' 'actual spend,' and 'pending approval.'


  • When contract data extraction was in progress, clicking on the 'extracted data' panel produced a tooltip that displayed the same message in the panel.

  • The search button wasn't enabled in the toolbar.

  • The 'cancel' button in the seek approval modal had no border.

  • The 'void' button in the 'Invoices' grid was replaced by one that said 'delete.'

  • When filtering invoice batches, the option to filter by 'finalized' invoices didn't appear.

  • Permanently deleting the parent matter also deleted the active, linked child matter.

  • Contracts sent to DocuSign failed to return to LawVu after execution for an org that used its own DocuSign account.

  • One user experienced 'internal error' messages when opening grid views.

  • During internal testing, an invoice opened from an approval notification, and the information in the 'PO' and 'cost centre' fields, was replaced by 'n/a.'

  • When updating the 'cost centre' field in the invoice modal, an internal user couldn't go to the next invoice or exit the modal.

  • The date filter didn't work on the 'Invoice Batches' grid.

  • During testing, an internal user found that when 'accruals' was not a required field in 'Invoice Details,' when they added an invoice to matter, it appeared as 'required.'

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