Release notes for 9 May, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 299

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  • Some users received a 'No records available' and 'internal error' message when accessing their matters lists and saved views.

  • Hidden field values were visible in the matter and contract details.

  • Cost center information in 'Matter details' failed to pull through to an uploaded invoice.

  • Users in newly added LSP Orgs that had yet to accept their invites didn't appear in their org's directory.

  • The 'Due date' field in a task displayed a message indicating the date entered was one day ahead.

  • The 'request update' button that appears as part of a status update appeared in the Contract grid.

  • 'Restricted' did not appear as an attribute in the Contract grid unless it was present on the 'create' or 'completion' forms, so it wasn't possible to add a member to contracts in bulk.

  • The text in paragraph fields did not wrap when a grid view was exported to Excel.

  • The list of users in 'User Settings' didn't appear.

  • When trying to create a matter in MS Teams, a user received an 'unable to reach app' error, but the matter was created twice in LawVu.

  • An internal user received a 'failed to fetch config. for report' message when standard reporting failed to load.

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