When you add a new person to your law firm you'll need to assign them specifically to the clients that you want them to be able to work with.

To assign a team member to a client, go to your user directory and choose the team member you want to assign clients to.

When you click on the team member's name, a dialogue box appears with an ‘Edit’ option in the top right corner. Click on edit and it takes you to the user’s profile. Go to ‘Client access’ and it opens a list of all clients you work with.

Here you can also see four options for each client.

  1. Access Client - This makes all those matters visible that the user is a member of.
  2. Create matter - This gives the user the permission of creating matter on behalf of the client.
  3. Client manager - This shows all the matters of the client that are with your organisation.
  4. Intake manager - This gives the user permission to manage the matters in the intake queue.

As an organisation admin, you can choose what permissions you want your team member to have and the clients you want them to be able to work with.

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